Irian Jaya Trophy


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Splendidly crafted replica of a trophy skull from the land of the tribe Irian Jaya, in Papua , New Guinea. Originally, these skulls were filled with the remains of a defeated warrior and were worn on the chest to show everybody your strength and power. Just like the original, a feather ornament decorates the top of the skull, and another in shells decorates the nasal cavity. These decorative and symbolic elements are attached to the skull thanks to a clever system of knots. The eye cavities are filed with beeswax, resin and seeds, even shells.
This work wields a powerful and extraordinary fascination. These embalmment practices are today forbidden, but some tribes carry the knowledge and memory for ceremonies and rituals.

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Material Wood
Height (inch) 6,29
Width (inch) 5,51
Depth (inch) 9,44
Weight (lb) 3,30