Contemporary Wall Decoration


Discover the Contemporary Line from Ateliers C&S Davoy! A Collection of Artistic Curiosities featuring Contemporary Paintings, Limited Edition Canvases, unique and original pieces by Artists. A truly eclectic gallery! For spaces full of uniqueness and originality, our collection of contemporary paintings reflects the talent of our craftsmen and the taste of our designers.

Combine them without moderation with our exceptional contemporary pieces, to unite Art and Deco!



Monochromatics, Paper Games, Acrylic Digressions... Welcome to our world of Impertinent hanging: works that combine creativity and craftsmanship to give meaning and character to every living space.

Contemporary ambience for a bold decor : 

Blues Monochromatic

We love and totally take on board the Klein Blue of this contemporary artwork which plays on uneveneness, texture and light. Artwork or fantasy landscape? Immense Azure of the Milky Way or island floating in a blue sea, seen from the sky? Whatever it is, stars seem to sparkle like a constellation. So, depth or altitude? We'll leave the choice of dreams to you!

Time in suspension

"Nothing is permanent but impermanence" is an Eastern Philosophy teaching. This abstract composition of small paper clouds suspended in the air, symbolizes the representation of time, like a celestial hourglass, shelling in its endless sky life's perpetual cycles. Magical and poetic, this airy composition is protected by an acrylic cover.


Subtle nod to the mistery of Black Holes and to the space which demarcates them and which is called "Event Horizon". This artwork is made from superimposed white sheets of paper, because the artist tried to capture the essence of the area around the void, from which nothing, not even a ray of light can ever escape.

Each piece is a unique artwork. This composition is protected by an acrylic cover.

Kinetic Apollo

Optical illusions were a passion for the "Quattrocento" Painters. Here, we played with those in 3D: acrylic being the preferred material for a resolutely contemporary effect with however a nod to the classical era of Michael Angelo's Apollo ! Of course you need to move around to watch it !

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