Set of 3 Lens & Light - Silver


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By definition, a magnifying glass is a lens which makes light converge towards a point, and the magnification is defined by the formula: Gc = dm/f' = 1/4f' = V/4. But forget these scientific definitions and let’s dream! Magnifying glasses have always been mysterious objects and when they were first used is not known: the Heraklion Archeological Museum in Greece shows, amongst objects dating from the xvth century BC, a few highly polished rounded “stones” in see-through glass. Distant cousins of our current lenses. Fascinated by this object, we have added a candle holder to enhance its luminosity.
Magnifying glass or mood lighting, the choice is yours!

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Sold by : Set of 3
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Style Classical
Material Metal
Height (inch) 18,50
Width (inch) 4,72
Depth (inch) 3,93
Weight (lb) 8,81
Color Silver