Sarcophagus Memento Mori


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Gorgeous Memento Mori in the image of a Sacorphagus Skull, entirely handcarved by our artisans, in our workshops. Each piece is one of a kind; horn, bone, wood - so many noble materials lending their uniqueness to each piece.
A special tribute to impermanence, the ephemerial and the Vanities. The expression Momento Mori comes from the Latin saying "remember you will die" that emerged in Medieval Christianism.
Expressing the vanity of earthly life, it refers to "the Art of Dying" or Ars moriendi. It prones an ethic of detachment and asceticism. It is similar to another Latin saying, "sic transit gloria mundi" ("Thus passes the glory of the world.")

Its origin goes back to Greco-Roman Antiquity, when a slave stayed beside a victorious general during his triumph to remind him of his mortal condition. The saying « Hominem te esse » ("You too are only a man") was also spoken.

This vision of the human condition has engendered numerous artistic representations, like those you can discover here.




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Material Wood
Height (inch) 8,26
Width (inch) 2,75
Depth (inch) 3,54
Weight (lb) 0,66
Color Brown
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