Bow carving Amori - Parmigianino

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Our artists revisit the masterpiece of the Italian baroque painter Giovanni Paolo Pannini. He was trained by the best specialists of perspective ; he started his career decorating palaces in “trompe l’oeil” but he is best known for his representations of imaginary antique ruins.

Our artists had their way with the masterpiece to offer you this « shabby chic » version straight out of the Twilight zone, they first reproduced the painting by transfer and then proceeded to age it, totally by hand. Every dent, crackeled paint or patina is not an accident! All the techniques of expert copiers are here, rusty nails, stamps, traces of humidity, vintage frames…
Everything is here to make this reinterpretation truer than nature.

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Height (inch) 76,37
Width (inch) 44,48
Depth (inch) 0,78
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