Couple of Hippopotamus - S


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Magnificent couples of Hippopotamuses found in London’s Portobello Market several years ago, probably from the last century.

The originality of these 4 solid wood sculptures resides in their unusual representation: the artist carved only the upper body of the animals, as they come to the surface of the water, mouth wide open. This natural stance indicates to the trespassers their strength and bravery when defending their territory. 

From the ancient Greek for « water horse », the Hippopotamus is one of the largest and most dangerous of all African animals. It’s nearest kin are in fact….. whales !  Hippopotamuses live in groups, are very sociable, can weight up to 4500 kg and reach 5 metros in length.

Ours, although, of course, much more modest in size, are still very impressive because of the beauty of their bronze-like golden patina, the elegance of their bearing and the element of surprise created by how they appear to surface from the ground or a coffee table as if from still waters

N°1 : H 37 x 31 x 59 cm / N°2 : H 35 x 27 x 59 cm

N° 1 : H 14.57 x 12.20 x 23.23 inch / N°2 : 13.78 x 10.63 x 23.23 inch

480,00 €