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Aesthetes and eternal bargain hunters

Caroline et Stéphane DAVOY

Coming from families of antique dealers and decorators, and after having created the Ateliers Davoy, Caroline and Stéphane Davoy use their talent and know-how for the Ateliers CSD.

After several years around the world looking for original pieces on antique markets, they developed a common passion for interior design, bargain-hunting and restoring, with the aim to present you an unique collection, inspired by XVIIIe and XIXe centuries, rejuvenated and embellished with spices with a lasting perfume from somewhere else ...

Their universe : unexpected accumulations and combinations ... A story told all along their exhibitions. Chance items, objects from cabinets of curiosities, lights and antique pieces, brought together in a world of charm, full of references, favourites and poetry.

Thus, they perpetuate the family way and the passion for interior design to become:

« des passeurs d’histoire ... »