About moral and values

Published : 06/23/2016 11:58:32
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Child supported by Promthée Humanitaire

The Ateliers C&S Davoy has always strongly be attached to certain fundamental values which, for the last 20 years, have also been the foundations of our company : the respect of human values and the passion for a job well done.

The company has always privileged their human relationships for a better quality of work, for mutual respect, for mutual help and communication in our team and also with our partners as being a priority to us all.

We donate, each year, an amount of our benefits to humanitarian associations, who mainly work in the domain of children and education : Terra Indica and ETW in India, Prométhée Humanitaire (Madagascar, Haïti…). Thanks to these organisations, we finance reinsertion programs and educational programs for disadvantaged young people. We would like to especially thank Christophe Plais from Terra Indica and Claire Falisse from Prométhée Humanitaire without whom these partnerships would not be possible. 

In a continual concern for the environment, our collections are mainly elaborated and finished with non-toxic and non-polluting products. Our packaging is, as much as possible, paper and cardboard so as to avoid using non-recyclable products.Our furniture is made from pin, without the use of MDF.

So as not to damage the environment, we have decided to reproduce our corals, tortoises and other protected species. Our butterflies and insects come from a farm and we only use non protected species. 

We work with artisans and transform the majority of our items in our workshops aboard and in France, always respecting the human and child rights chart. Our regular visits to our workshops allow us to check the work conditions and the implementation of our values.