Set of 5 Ancient Chinese Poterries from Borneo


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Probably dating from the second half of the 19th century, these terracotta potteries from the island of Borneo were most often used to conserve medicinal potions concocted by Chinese herbalist scientists present in Malaysia since the 15th century. They could also be used to conserve salt, a luxurious and rare ingredient at the time, that is why we could find these pots only in the wealthiest houses of the island.
Their glazing and colour in multiple shades of green are exceptional and relative to Chinese craftsmen’s know-how.
When Stéphane found them, they adorned the back of a herbal shop in Balikpapan. Where will they go now?

La plus grande : H30 x Ø30 cm

The bigger one : H11.81 x Ø11.81 inch

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