About Us


Our Story

Created in 1992 in the South-West of France, our workshops are specialised in the creation of collections inspired by the spirit of the Curiosity Cabinet. Distributed around the world and acclaimed by their public, they have become essential items in the world of decoration. In 2021 our new brand, UpaGuru, was launched, giving a resolutely modern twist to the artistic curiosity world.

Our Passion

Our passion is for the original and the exceptional. We aim to create unpredictable collections without ever being there where you expect us. Imagining, anticipating, diverting, transforming – this is the essence of what we do.

Our Know-How

An Ateliers C&S Davoy creation is above all a piece made in respect of original work and manufacturing traditions. We make it a point of honour to preserve the ancestral know-how of the craftsmen with whom we work. These craftsmen are the guarantors of our quality, our patinas and our attention to detail. This requirement is fundamental to our style.

Our Values

Nature, Art and Culture are inexhaustible sources of inspiration to us, so we seek day after day to improve the ethical nature of our collections, our choice of materials and our manufacturing demands. Our choices are always guided by humanity and the love of beauty. They are the heart of our brand and are the soul of our business.