Ateliers Davoy invite Voglio Bene !

For the “Crackled Ones” collection, Stéphane Davoy has invited the artist Benedicte Piccolillo,
the founder of the VOGLIO BENE brand,
to combine her dreamlike world to three of our Large Size Artworks.

"The Tattooed Women"

"Amy & Blake"

"The Botanist"

Le Mot de Bénédicte Piccolillo, créatrice de Voglio Bene

"I have often been asked to be in partnership with various people. I always said no, because the themes and /or constraints were not to my taste. I don’t like feeling hemmed in a work that does not move me. I like freedom of choice and I have the feeling I truly give part of myself when I decide what I’m going to explore…. Strong feelings, falling head over heels and spontaneity are my motivations. When Stephane contacted me, first I shuddered…. “Who’s that guy, what does he want, I don’t have the time….”, these were my first thoughts. And then I had a look at his Instagram account and Internet site and loved what I saw. Furniture, objects each more fabulous than the last. And when I saw them for real, among discoveries and Stephane’s other thoughts in progress, I was very impressed from an artistic point of view. I realized we have the same taste, slightly quirky and outdated. Very quickly I got to know him. In fact, Stephane is a child with a sense of wonderment who constantly jokes about everything. He seems almost familiar. He’s hardworking, joking, dreaming, full of positive energy and good advice. And to work well, that’s all I need. I am now very happy to have accepted this partnership with him on these wonderful crackled paintings. And these “crackled” are wonderful objects which will give an incredibly authentic dimension to my work. I look forward to seeing them and even to do others. And who knows…. This may be the start of a long and beautiful adventure with Davoy. I sincerely hope so. See you soon!" Bénédicte Picolillo

Le mot de Stéphane Davoy, Designer des Ateliers C&S Davoy

“Bénédicte has this innate taste, this irrepressible need to reinvent the past. She has a totally unique and personal way to give a new interpretation of famous masterpieces: she extracts a detail or the quintessential feel of the work, reinvents and transforms it into remarkable artworks of rare beauty. Her dreamlike expressions act as a metamorphosis to sublimate them and give us a mysterious allegoric work which goes beyond the original artwork. This is not just visual, and not at all superficial. It is an invitation to deeper thoughts, because Bénédicte tell us stories too. She invites us to enter her magical world where space, time and estheticism are shuffled, like a deck of fortune telling tarot cards. I share her taste for “everything goes” and the unexpected, this liking of stories… this cheeky ”let’s go”, as long as we believe and the magic starts! Unpredictable and funny, this mischievous and rock n’ roll urchin is in fact a good fairy who enchants us through the music of her soul. She can’t help following this invisible thread which often leads us God knows where! Emotions are her gospel, always coupled with dreams! Michel Audiard said once: “ The lunatics are the happy ones because they let the light through.” This saying fits Bénédicte like a glove, fits her even better than her tattoos. Bénédicte Picolillo is a rare artist with whom it is great to get lost. In fact, she’s an expert in the Art of getting lost.” Stéphane Davoy

Discover in the Backstages of creation, with the digital inlay of Voglio Bene
and Cracklings handmade by our teams !